What Editors Are Looking for in 2014


Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2014
Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2014

Are you writing the NEXT BIG THING? Are you starting to think about where to send it, to wonder who will be interested in your book?

You know all about the pages and pages of listings in the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook – they’re seared into your memory. You know how to compile a list of suitable agents and publishers and to target those people and places where your book will find sympathetic readers; people on the same wave-length, people who ‘get’ it.

But wouldn’t it be more helpful if you knew the kinds of books that editors and publishers were looking for right now? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know where your book fits into their current list?

c. Andrew Lownie website
c. Andrew Lownie website

Andrew Lownie Literary Agency posts an annual round-up of what editors are looking for in the year ahead. Once again, they’ve very helpfully asked a range of UK and US editors what they’re looking for, and have compiled a “wish list” of the books that editors are looking to commission in 2014.

If nothing else, take fifteen minutes out of your WIP and read through the entries. What have you got to lose? Does your book fit into any of their plans?

Check out the different lists on Andrew Lownie’s site – links below: