Writers on Writing: J. K. Rowling

Whatever you think of J. K. Rowling, it’s fascinating to learn how she writes. I’m waiting for the advertisement from Apple using her admission that “The Mac Book Air changed my life”.

Christine A. Hurd‘s report on Rowling’s talk with Ann Patchett at the Lincoln Centre in New York gives a glimpse into her working methods on The Casual Vacancy (and what imaginative event planning to put them together!).

Rowling said:

“The challenge [with “The Casual Vacancy”] was the structure of the book, and I put a huge amount of work into that … The tricky thing is not showing your workings, for the reader never to realize how difficult it was. And that’s what took me the better part of five year…. I had complicated diagrams, strange little notes…cryptic things…I had to remind myself what the hell I was talking about.”

Read the full article at The Harvard Crimson