The Value of a Creative Writing Degree

Degree or no Degree, that is the question…

BookRambler's deskDoes a degree in Creative Writing, either at MA, PhD or undergraduate level make you a better writer?

Does a degree in Creative Writing guarantee success?

Does life equip you better for writing?

Does writing make you a better writer?

Will Buckingham’s latest blog considers all the implications – he teaches CW at De Montfort University and his blog is in response to comments by Hanif Kureishi in the THES.

Between them, they cover all the main questions and things writers deliberate on before signing up for a degree and they’re worth a read. Even if you have no intention of taking a set course, they raise a number of interesting questions surrounding the art of writing and the value we as writers and as a society place on creative arts. Do we, as writers, pay more attention to Buckingham’s ‘Big Beasts’ than to the teeming ants – if so, are we listening to the wrong people?

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