Anna Kim – Anatomy of A Night: Meet the Publisher

Highly engaging and very interesting interview that looks at how ebooks can change translated fiction – change the readership – open opportunities for writers.

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So German Literature Month readers, I was half-way through the chosen readalong title, Anatomy of A Night, and my first full-length e-book read, when I recognised two things.  1) I was reading a masterpiece and 2) I was missing paper, ink, my post-it notes and the whole tactile experience far too much.  My whole process was thrown out of kilter and I began to feel incapable of writing a review that would do the novel justice. So I thought I’d enlist the help of E J Lanen, founder of e-book publisher, Frisch & Co, and someone who is obviously not as shackled as myself to the physical object. The resulting interview naturally covers much more ground than Anna Kim’s novel but fellow readalongers will be particularly interested in questions 6-9.  I intend to add my own thoughts in comments later today.

1). How did you come to found Frisch &…

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