Writing Prompt #23

A week to go! Glass half-full or half-empty? ‘I’m so far behind I’ll never finish’ or ‘Yay, seven more days!’. Writing mucks around with your head. Mean-spirited doom-monsters lurk at the back of your mind, waiting to pounce on those little niggling moments of doubt. They’ll convince you that you’re wasting your time, you should be shopping/working/cooking/caring/visiting relatives/gardening [delete as appropriate].

Anything – rather than sit down and write.

Now, they might be right about your writing. You might not be a good writer. After all, everyone can write but not everyone writes well.

But who cares about that right now? This is nanowrimo -remember? The month of free-writing when you’re allowed to write whatever you want and however you want to write it.

Relax and lean into your writing and feel the creativity flowing out of that little well-spring of intent and onto the page.

Enjoy, relax – let it flow.

 Writing Prompt #23

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