Writing Prompt (s) #18, 19 AND 20

It had to happen. I fell out of the writing zone and back into the real world. Teenager turned eighteen and I’ve been bookrambling out and about, and, and, and,… where were we?

Here’s where I am: stuck at 26,000 words on nanowrimo 2011; my protagonist is male but I think I need him to be female and around ten years younger and kinder and happier. This current draft is so grumpy and cold. It needs warmth and humour.

I want to write one kind of novel but this other one, the one I’m trying to ignore, is insistent. It keeps pushing to the front, squealing for attention. So I’m going to let it in.

From tonight I’ll have two novels in one. They’ll slide into each other and feed off one another and maybe even fight. I can swap characters and places and re-imagine scenes from an angle outside of the novel, inside another one looking out.

Suddenly, I’m back on track. Zinging along, tap-tapping towards 50,000 … which is exhilarating and maddening. I’ve lost three writing days because I forgot that I was in charge.

Writing Prompts 18-20

a tranquil scene or an angry sky; lost in the heather or a wilderness adventure – focus on the foreground, the trees and lush greenery or the background – the hills and sky

… you decide…

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