Writing Prompt #10

How much stimulation is too much? Sometimes it’s too noisy, there’s too much going on. Other times, the quiet is too oppressive. So which is best?

  • perfect quiet or background noise?
  • soothing music or a thumping base guitar?

There isn’t a right way to write. There isn’t a golden rule of writing that determines when and how to write. What I’m finding is that everyday is completely different and whether or not I get some words down in a coherent form has nothing to do with someone switching on the radio or slamming the door. Or slow-cooking a delicious-smelling roast dinner….


Writing Prompt #10

“I was just about to start washing the car when Mr Black showed up. Again. That’s four times in the last two days he’s ambled up the garden path, pretending he was ‘just passing’. But what does he want?” 

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