NANOWRIMO – here we go again

It’s today!. NaNoWriMo [National Novel Writing Month]

here we go again

The first rule of NaNoWriMo is there are no rules

[or should that be ‘there is no rules’?].

Here are my November non-rules:

I will not

  •        Plan
  •        Structure
  •        Re-read
  •        Edit
  •        Spell-check
  •        Re-draft
  •        Fact check
  •        ‘google’ and pretend it’s research
  •        Show it to anyone
  •        Worry that it seems silly

I will

  •        Write and keep on writing until I reach 50,000 words.

Writers can spend weeks, or even months, deliberating over a sentence, a phrase, or whether a semi colon should be a full stop or a comma.

It’s liberating not to worry about anything but the mounting word count.

It’s an added benefit if it makes sense but the point is to write. Write quickly and without thinking too deeply about what you’re writing.

Literary purists will ridicule you out of it. Don’t listen to them. You’re not going to write a complete, publishably perfect novel. What you will get is an idea of the kind of studied concentration, diligence and commitment to completing a task that writers face every waking moment.

You may even find that you like writing.

So. The Golden Non-rule is this: don’t think that you’re going to have a complete, ready-to-submit to an agent or publisher typescript but think of this month as the spur to start that writing project that you keep putting off.

Don’t worry about what you write. Don’t ask for instant feedback from family and friends. Don’t worry. If you get stuck simply write ‘I’M STUCK HERE’ and move on to a completely new scene. Once you’ve completed the 50,000 words take time off – a long time; two months or more, and then go back and assess what you’ve written. You might discard half of it. You might hit delete. Writing is a craft honed over many a deleted paragraph and rejection slip.

That’s not the point. The point is to write.

Hop over to BookRambler to find out what Ian Rankin and Frederick Forsyth said about it this time last year and then pop back for your daily writing prompt.


I’m going to be posting a writing prompt here every day over November – so what’s stopping you? Nanowrimo gives you the opportunity to free your imagination from the tethers of expectation.

Writing Prompt #1

an open gate; cut hay; an empty field; blue sky; distant hills; summer love; mystery; new beginnings; the end of everything

you decide

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  1. BookRambler says:

    hey Nicole – hope your nanowrimo flows free and easy 🙂

  2. “The point is to write.” Perfect motto for NaNoWriMo. Thanks 🙂

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