Rebel Writing

Rachelle Gardner writes consistently good posts on writing. Her most recent, ‘Writing Rules are Just Tools’ makes some sound points on the rules of writing. It’s a good companion-piece to the Writers on Writing post where I link to the writing strategies of some published authors – ‘rules’ which they say were helpful to their creativity.

Rachelle writes:-

it’s easy to get too caught up in the rules and get frustrated at trying so hard to follow them that you find your creativity stunted. Some writers are actively resentful about rules, feeling like the Writing Establishment is trying to keep everyone in a little box and not allow writers’ artistic visions to shine through.

While she makes some sound points about when it’s ok to break the ‘rules’ and why they can often get in the way of your creativity, there’s a difference between breaking a rule and bad writing.

Recognising the difference between them is what will make your ‘artistic vision shine through’.

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