Publishing News: The Bully Plays by Nell Dunn

It was a privilege and a pleasure to edit Nell Dunn’s The Bully Plays. In short dramatic scenes, written with empathy and insight, Dunn’s eight different voices reveal the myriad emotions of teenage life: fears and tensions around bullying; conforming to expectations; what happens when you don’t fit into society’s version of ‘normal’ selfhood? Nell […]

Denny Writers Competition

Denny Writers Annual Quaich Competition Congratulations to Tracey McLennan, winner of Denny Writers Annual Quaich Competition for her short story titled ‘An Evening in the Library’; second place went to Moira Martin, and 3rd place to Ann Dromgoole. Ann Marshall was also presented with a pen for her achievements. Thanks to the Denny Writers for the […]

Romance Writing Life Competition for Unpublished Manuscripts

Sponsored by WHSmith, Kobo, Mills and Book, and Kobo Writing Life, the Romance Writing Life Competition is offering a digital and print publishing contract with Mills and Book and promotion through the sponsors. They are looking for “strong, hook-driven stories, with real mass-market appeal”. Submit the first chapter (no more than 5,000 words) and synopsis (no […]

Publishing News: Success for Emma Viskic

Congratulations go to [WoMentee] Emma Viskic for securing a book deal with Echo Publishing. The Melbourne-based publisher announced today that it will publish Emma’s debut crime novel in September. Echo Publishing, part of the Bonnier Group, opened earlier this year. You can read the full announcement on their Facebook Page and find out more about Emma’s writing […]

Open Submissions for Unagented Manuscripts at Tinder Press

If you have already completed a fiction manuscript or collection of short stories there’s still time to submit to Tinder Press before the deadline of March 15th. Here’s what they say: Headline imprint Tinder Press will celebrate two years of publishing by opening submissions for unagented manuscripts for two weeks in March. […] ‘At Tinder […]

JCC 2014 Highlights

Thank you, to the writers, editors, publishers, agents, and book professionals who helped to make 2014 the most exhilarating, exciting, productive year for JC Consultancy. Highlights of 2014: Working on 27 books, each at a different stage of development Expanding the network of editors accepting submissions from JCC to include Polygon; Canongate; Penguin Opening to […]

Éireann Lorsung on Creative Productivity and Fear of Failure

As a writer, what holds you back from completing your novel? What are you afraid of? I urge you to listen to Éireann Lorsung’s terrific talk, given at the University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival, on the links between creativity and writing, fear of failure and unproductivity. For first time novelists, especially, she speaks to […]